From Naples to Capri

From Naples to Capri

Napoli is a city to live and savor both day and night.

Napoli is an heaven on earth; everyone live in a sort of drunkeness and oblivion… yesterday I was saying to myself, or I've been crazy here, or I've been crazy now.

J.W. Goethe remembers, in the book “Viaggio a Napoli” (1787), his Parthenopean stay lasted for some month.

A trip that gave him the oportunity to say that Napoli is “the most wonderful place of the world”, a city full of contrast, hybrid, and maybe that's exactly what makes it unique. Just take a ride to the historic center to breathe history, folk traditions, folklore of this city and visit its artistic riches.

Many tourists every year prefer the Parthenopean city for their travels as they can enrich a sea vacation with excursions and excursions to the many sites of artistic and cultural heritage that the Territory offers besides the "magic" of Neo-gastronomic culture Neapolitan.

Naples Naples From Naples to Capri

Events such as the Napoli Pizza Village each year represent the valorisation and divulgation of local traditions, including Pizza, a story that begins from the far Middle Ages, not only in gastronomy but also in entertainment, culture And organization, a top level program that offers tourists the opportunity to experience the "experiences" that the city and the nearby islands of the Gulf of Naples offer.

Napoli is the starting point to reach the many beaches and islands of the Gulf, devoting to the sunbathing and to the pleasant and refreshing baths in the hot waters, as well as to interesting historical cultural itineraries.

Campania is a wonderful region; Its shores are renowned all over the world, just mention the Gulf of Naples, the Amalfi Coast, the Isles( Capri and Procida and the Cilento) and immediately comes to mind a wonderful sea and fabulous scenery.

Crystal clear sea, unique and breathtaking panoramic views, culinary specialties, culture, history and much more can reserve a day out from Naples to the Gulf Islands.

The islands and the tourist resorts to see also in the day starting from Naples are: Capri, Ischia e Casamicciola, Pozzuoli, Procida and Sorrento.

From Naples both in the morning and in the afternoon with Fast and Ferry Units it is possible to depart from Naples Ports such as the Beverello Molo and Calata Massa Port to the wonderful islands.


Marina Grande is the first approach with Capri for anyone who arrives on the island. Here is the only port of Capri, where CAREMAR with its hydrofoils and ferries draws every day, allowing, depending on the type of ship, the transport of both passengers and vehicles.

Tourists can choose to go to the sea, not far from the public beach of Marina Grande, the largest on the island of Capri, or to go hiking with typical boats, such as gozzo, to visit coves and neighboring beaches, the Blue Cave and up to the famous Faraglioni.

From Naples to Capri From Naples to Capri From Naples to Capri From Naples to Capri

Or if they prefer to visit the island, they can go shopping at the ticket office, racing on the Funicular, behind the Harbor Master's Office.

For Italian and foreign tourists it is a pleasant feeling to climb on a Funicular to enjoy the panorama of the island from above. Immersed in the colors of greenery and the crystal blue sea.

Piazza Umberto I is the heart of the island. Known throughout the world as the "Piazzetta", it occupies a relatively small space, but for its undeniable fascination and the visit that have made many of its most famous and famous celebrities in the world, Capri is well-known in every corner of the world. It opens in the heart of the village of Capri, at the exit of the funicular and is enclosed by old palaces, dominated, like a sentry, by the Clock Tower (perhaps belonged to the old cathedral) from the left flank of the church of S. Stefano. Even the anticipation of new races has its charm as it is possible to sit in comfortable benches admiring the landscape waiting for the new descent ...

From Naples to Capri
From Naples to Capri
From Naples to Capri

It is also possible to take excursions by bus. All the main trips to the island start from Piazzetta. From here, for example, with a nice walk, you can reach Castiglione, a high rocky peak overlooking a dizzying leap on Marina Piccola. At the end of the ascent we will reach the Cannone Viewpoint, one of the most spectacular views of the island overlooking the southern slope and admire Marina Piccola and Faraglioni.

There are many typical shops to visit and many dining venues where you can savor the local specialties. The experience of a trip to Capri will always be a pleasant memory.

The panorama of the island seen from above offers breathtaking and typical views of the island:

From Naples to Capri From Naples to Capri From Naples to Capri From Naples to Capri From Naples to Capri

After a day full of local experiences, you return to the harbor, either by the funicular or by walking down to visit all the "glimpses" typical of the island.

At the port are ready to wait for you, depending on the time of online consulted races, one of CAREMAR Fleet ships, available to his customers and that you can buy on-line to return to Naples or to some other island.

Returning to one of the FLOTTA CAREMAR ships, the look will be turned to the natural beauty that Capri Island offers and with the thought of coming back soon. Have a good trip!

From Naples to Capri
From Naples to Capri
From Naples to Capri