Frequent questions

Frequent questions

I cannot find a trip that interests me. Why?

If not present in the Times and Rates pages, the trip is still not open for sale.
When it becomes available, you will find it in the corresponding pages.
If you cannot find it in the map showing the served routes, the specific route you are looking for is not being served.

What are the optimal monitor settings to see the website?

1024x768 pixels; 65.536 (16bit) colors

What telephone contacts may be more helpful me?

In the contacts section of the website we provides all references (phone, mail, fax) useful to contact the corporate ticket offices and receive information, reservations and assistance.

May I bring with me my cat?

Yes, of course, using the right kennel or cages. The owner must also heal him personally and guarantee food and water.

My car is particularly high. Must j pay a larger fee?

The rate for the transport of the car is the same for all those that do not exceed 180 cm. total height.
Then, only if auto - including any roof - objects exceeds this height measurement, is caused by an increase of 50%.
This also means that - as regards the height - are carried free of charge any surfing, canoes, small boats, luggage, typically on the roof of the car, that do not exceed 180 cm.

How to calculate the dimensions of my vehicle in length?

In case you don't know if your vehicle is more or less than 4 metres, the measure "everything out".
Means, for example, that if you have a boat on the roof of the car longer, the rate will be based on the greater length. Consult, however, the function "search the car "Passenger Menu for more information.

After the time of purchase of the ticket I changed the car. What should I do?

Please, provide a change from your travel agent you trust the number plate signed on the ticket. In compliance with safety regulations, the plates listed on tickets must match the departing vehicles. Otherwise control authorities may refuse access to the port and boarding gates.

Embarkation of cars with methane gas/ LPG

If you have to embark a vehicle that uses methane gas or LPG, you MUST notify the crew before boarding. It is important that before the embarkation, the tank of LPG or methane gas has to be empty and the vehicle has to use the alternative fuel (petrol).

Do I have to lock the car in the garage?

Once you have parked your car in the garage, use the handbrake and let a gear engaged.

Is it true that it is forbidden to go back and leave the ship once on board?

It is true, for security reasons. For the same reasons, it may happen that you, with your baggage or your car, is checked by the crew. This as a result of the adoption of national and international standards relating to "security".

Who should I contact for any information?

The ship's Master of the ship or hydrofoil are at your disposal for every need.

May I smoke on board?

You can smoke only on external decks or boat discovered areas, only if it is expressly forbidden for reasons of safety of navigation. This excludes, of course, craft, on which it is impossible to gain access to uncovered areas. No smoking in enclosed spaces, as these are obligations laid down by law No 3 January 16, 2003.

I forgot something on board!

In the event of lost or forgotten objects on board, talk directly to the ship Master possibly during the same day or at least as soon as possible. After a few days, items are normally sent to the Headquarters; therefore, it can request these by phoning 081/2444111.

Requirements and Settings

- Browser: Internet Explorer (version 11 or higher), Firefox, Chrome, Safari;
- Plug-in: flash player;
- Pop-up: pop-up blocker disabled;
- Display: 1024x768 or higher resolution recommended;
- Other: Adobe Reader 6 or higher.

Is the Online Booking safe?

Safe purchase is granted by supplied security policies. The payment is managed by Banca Antonveneta: your credit card data are encrypted and then sent from your computer to the banking Payment Gateway and they cannot be intercepted. To create this encrypted channel, the banking Payment Gateway employs a SSL3 certificate at 128 bit, released by Verisign, the leading world certification authority. Moreover, this site has an agreement with Verified by Visa and with Secure Code, security protocols developed by Visa and MasterCard respectively. If your credit card is certified by one of these international banking circuits, upon payment you are required to enter your password; with this system your bank can identify you unmistakably. However, should you not own a certified credit card, you can purchase on line and the described security criteria will apply. Furthermore, a constant check: American Express, for instance, presently permits purchasing on this site with Italian cards only.

Prepaid cards
Before performing purchase procedure, make sure that the card is enabled for Internet operations.

Is online purchase expensive?

The online purchase involves, to cover the expenses of issue, the cost of:
- 1,00 EUR for every ticket issued.

When can I buy online?

Tickets can be purchased online within 90 'of the scheduled departure, for passenger-only tickets; for tickets with motorcycles / cars within 7 hours from the scheduled departure.

What should I do to pick up the boarding pass?

To pick up tickets valid for boarding, you must print the received mail and its attached file; the same should then be delivered to the ticket office of departure for the withdrawal of its boarding pass, downstream of the necessary controls.

Online can I take advantage of the resident rate?

Yes. The customer who, during the purchase phase, has selected the resident fare, during the check-in at the port ticket office where the journey begins, must present sufficient documentation to prove the right to the fare facilitation, for each component and vehicle present in the ticket.
During the check-in verification, if it should the non-existence, even partial, of the aforementioned rights, the ticket will be deemed "Not Valid" and will be canceled, without refund.

Is possible to buy tickets for groups?

This purchase is possible only by authorized travel agencies and / or the ticket office at the port.

Is possible to buy tickets for commercial vehicles?

For information and purchases: - +39 345 97 42 964 open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm

The number plate must be exact?


Can I use the ticket for later departures?

The title acquired by a departure may be used for a subsequent run if you did not use?
The ticket is valid only on the dates indicated and the departure. Where, for reasons of force majeure, the departure was not made , passengers will be "protected" on the first departure in which there is availability. In this case, there is no refund. Passengers are therefore required to verify, before departure, that in the meantime there have been no changes in the itinerary-time ticket in their possession.

Where can I find more info?

Aside from that shown above, apply, in full, the rules of sale available at the following link

How to make a refund?

Requests for reimbursement must be notified within 24 hours before departure scheduled, through the restricted area of the site it is therefore necessary to register the same. Inside the restricted area, in the "manage purchases" will be available all tickets bought with the email address used for registration. By clicking the "detail", at the ticket you want to request cancellation and then clicking the "Cancel ticket", it will be turned on the procedure for requesting a refund.
The cancellation involves the application, where appropriate, a penalty of the original ticket of 25% and the loss of the presale(rounded to the nearest decimal).
Will receive, downstream of the administrative checks, crediting directly to the same credit card used for the purchase. Please note that faith to the time the message was received. Tickets not canceled within that mandatory term, will not be refunded in any way, not even partially.

To request the invoice of the ticket online?

after the trip, the invoice must be requested through the restricted area of the site it is therefore necessary to register the same. Inside the restricted area, in the "info \ reports" will be available a dedicated form for the invoice request. This form can be reached by choosing "administrative assistance" (as -Area of interest-) and "Invoices" (as -type segnalazione-) in its web page. The form should be filled with all the required data (including a pdf copy of the ticket).
Caremar will send a copy, by mail, after the administrative checks.

Discounts and Reductions

Free tickets for all Ferries for children younger than 4 years old and in every Fast Unit for children younger than 2 years old at the date of the travel.
Reduction for all Ferries for children from 4 to 12 years old not completed and in all Fast Unit from 2 to 12 years old not completed at the day of the travel.
Discount for groups of 15 or more people.

Where can I find the prices?

info link

Where do I find the times of departure?

info link

Is on the prohibition auto landing on the islands?

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